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|| 27.02.2009

iDesktop.tv Goes To Mini-Seedcamp Paris 09

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"Guys, Thank you so much!!! Whenever I contact a company I am usually disappointed with response, but you guys provide fantastic support; same day if not next day! That is a rarity these days. So thank you for your help and more so for providing a solution to my problem. And you can quote me on that."
Art Director & Project Manager of Electronic Media
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Ecommerce, Shakti Pappadum UK, Pappadum, Pappadums, Poppadums
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Flash Tools - FlashJester

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// About 3rd Eye / The Team
Davendra Patel - Big Chief

Davendra leads 3rd Eye Solutions and has guided its transformation from a small software house to an international force in the Flash community with the creation of FlashJester. Today the company offers software and web development, website design, SEO, online marketing, graphic design and multimedia services.

In addition to new product development for FlashJester and 3rd Eye Solutions, Davendra serves as a lead for client project work and customer relations from providing product support to marketing and sales. He also extends that work to provide inhouse training for clients. He is always up for a new challenge and loves solving problems. Taking a project from start to finish is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

He has been a speaker and panelist at key trade shows including FlashForward and continues to find new ways to enhance and extend the Flash capability. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm about the web and his knowledge of current technologies and issues surrounding web design and web development with others.

Before starting 3rd Eye Solutions, he worked for Dataculture Ltd., Consort Security Systems Ltd., Seaforth Travel Ltd., RAC Motoring and others. With 3rd Eye Solutions, he has worked with companies around the globe on their unique technology challenges.

He holds a MSc in Computing and Statistics and a BSc in Mathematics and Computing.

Upendra Patel - #2 Big Chief & Strategist since 1997

Upendra guides the strategic direction of 3rd Eye Solutions and leads business development efforts. In addition, his love for helping clients solve their technology challenges, makes him 3rd Eye Solutions lead client project manager. He also guides 3rd Eye's quality assurance efforts, maintaining the company's business processes, services and systems, and keeps the staff inspired and focused on delivering great work for 3rd Eye Solution's clients.

To keep 3rd Eye Solutions in a strong innovator position, he is always thinking about the next great business model and product to bring to market. With his technical expertise and business acumen, 3rd Eye Solutions has launched many successful businesses and helped hundreds of clients around the globe tap into the latest technology.

Before joining 3rd Eye Solutions, Upendra's career included work with Cosworth Engineering, National Grid, the European Central Bank and the European Space Agency.

He holds a MSc Software Engineering & European Business Technology and a BSc Mathematic & Computing.

Krasimir S - Big Chief Developer since 1998

Krasimir is the 3rd Eye's genius developer behind the world's leading Flash enhancing software, FlashJester, as well as Slick TV and numerous other projects coming out of 3rd Eye Solutions. He's an innovator who likes to push boundaries just the sort you want leading your software development team. With more than 15 years experience in the industry, he brings a strategic, seasoned perspective to every job.

His experience combined with his competitive nature, helps keep 3rd Eye Solutions on the bleeding edge of development. His a thoughtful leader, dedicated to keeping his team inspired and focused on finding the best techniques for the job.

Krasimir holds a Master's degree in Computer Science.

Dimitar K – Another Big Chief Developer

Dimitar is our developer since August 2006. He has been working on some of our biggest web and software development projects bringing innovation with his original ideas. Some of the projects he worked on are PhotoWoto, HouseJester, Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust, Radlett Opticians and iDesktop.tv.

Dimitar is basically working on Ajax developments using his skills on PHP, MySql and JavaScript. His previous experience at web and software development helps him continue developing competitive applications using the latest techniques in web technologies.

Alex M - Chief Developer
Alex works with 3rd Eye Solutions to develop multimedia programs and wizards as well as inspires ideas for new projects. His previous professional background includes work in database systems, multimedia applications, Windows desktop applications and system tweakers. His areas of focus and specialization include Windows system tools and desktop applications, database-oriented programs and multimedia projects. He works with Delphi, C#, Oracle, new programming languages, scripts and technologies.
Alex led the development of FlashHandout, a tool that converts Flash SWFs and FLAs to PDFs. It is available at www.flashhandout.com.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and his Technologies Specialty at the Technical

Polia S

Polia has been working for 3rd Eye Solutions since September 2006. She is responsible for the text content of some of our websites. She also manages the blogs for Mababy.co.uk, HouseJester and iDesktop.TV, adding new articles and information on them. Most of the texts at Mababy, Mrs Pharmacy, Mistrys Pharmacy and HouseJester websites are her work. The articles and descriptions she writes are consistent with the SEO standards which helps for the high ranking of all our websites at Google and other search engines. Poli also takes part in the popularizing of some of our sites, publishing reviews and spreading links to them.

Others Chiefs

Dale Pepper - Marketing Chief
Jason Grimmitt - Assistant Project Manager

3rd Eye Solutions Ltd.
25 Covington Grove,
Northants, NN8 4ED, UK
Telephone: +44 7973 135243
Fax: +44 7005 930985
e-mail: info@3rdeye.co.uk

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